NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer

NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer

NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer Michael Block

Traffic tickets are a common occurrence. Most people will get several or more tickets during their lifetime. While you don’t want to break the law, sometimes you might get a ticket that you feel is unfair. In almost all cases, it is best to fight a traffic ticket rather than pay the fine. You can protect your rights and request a hearing so you can fight your ticket. A NYC traffic ticket lawyer will assist you every step of the way.

Why Fight a Traffic Ticket

Traffic tickets in New York accumulate points against your driver’s license. When you get too many points your license will be suspended. The best way to avoid the risk of a license suspension is to fight a ticket with help from a NYC traffic ticket lawyer.

A number of points are assigned to various types of traffic infractions. Many of the minor infractions will cost you 3 points. Others that are deemed more serious have higher point values. For example, if you are found guilty of failure to yield the right-of-way you will get 3 points on your license. If you are found guilty of failing to stop for a school bus you will get 5 points on your license.

Speeding is particularly harmful for your driving record because the number of points you will get depends on the MPH you were traveling above the speed limit. Points for speeding range from 3 to 11. As you can see, one speeding ticket could put you over the number of points needed to suspend your license.

How a NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer Will Help

First and foremost, you need to understand that if you pay the ticket it is an admission of guilt. It is the same as pleading guilty and you will automatically receive a specific number of points on your license. Even a first offense could pose a serious threat to your license. If you don’t fight the ticket and then end up with another violation, you might easily lose your driving privileges.

It is best not to try to go it alone. A NYC traffic ticket lawyer understands the best defense to present in various types of violation cases and will assist you in protecting your rights. In some situations the ticket may have been given improperly. In the case of speeding, there are many ways to fight the ticket. For example, the type of radar gun that was used to calculate your speed may not have been properly calibrated or the officer may have used the device incorrectly.

Don’t just assume that you have to pay a ticket when you get one. Instead, contact an experienced NYC traffic ticket lawyer to provide guidance and answer your questions. With the help of your attorney you are more likely to get better results at your hearing. You may end up with lower fines or you may even win your case and have the ticket removed. This would mean that you would have no points added to your license.

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