Move Over Rule

Move Over Rule

In New York State there is a “Move Over” rule on multilane highways.  This rule requires all vehicles to slow down and when possible to safely move over to the next lane when passing an emergency vehicle that has its lights flashing. This law and others like it have been enacted to ensure safe passage and that the emergency crew, police, fire fighters, or EMS services have room to do their jobs.

These laws have been enacted in all fifty states according to the AAA . It is not always possible to move over while driving on the highway.  Sometimes there are obstacles that prevent you from doing so, like other drivers, traffic control devices, or even debris that can prevent you from using ideal lanes.  In all cases you should slow down for emergency vehicles.  Slowing down makes the road safer for emergency workers as well as providing yourself with greater control of your vehicle in tight spaces.

What do you think of New York’s move over laws?  Can you think of a better way to protect first responders while also keeping traffic flowing?  Tell us in the comments section.

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