NYS DMV Rescheduling the Court Date for Your Traffic Ticket

All New York State (NYS) Traffic Violation Bureaus (TVBs) are currently closed. They shut down after March 16th. We are a law firm with approval to log into NYSDMV’s computers to check court dates for all of our clients.  We search traffic ticket court dates for each client. We have been emailing many of you with your rescheduled dates.  Do NOT reschedule any NYC traffic tickets at this time by yourself.  That is not in your favor.  The NYSDMV is rescheduling so you basically get a free postponement of your court hearing dates.  If you reschedule by yourself, you will limit your opportunity to reschedule freely in the future.  Be smart now. If you have a question about a ticket you have already given us, or other tickets that you want our representation, email us at  We will search your ticket and email you back a date.

As a client of our firm, Michael Block Attorney at Law P.C., you are protected.  The NYS DMV has told us that, MAYBE, they will reopen the courts in May, 2020.  What date are the courts opening? That is really a guess at this point.  An educated guess, but still a guess. This COVID-19 pandemic forces the courts to change opening dates based on how well our City can contain the virus. Check our website at to know when the NYC courts are reopening.  We anticipate the traffic courts to reopen in May, 2020 in all boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.  If you have a traffic ticket outside of NYC, call us at (212) 227-9008 for more information about how we can help you with those tickets.  When will court reopen?  Remember no one knows for sure today.  That information will be changing, so stay in touch with us for guidance on the status of your tickets. Ultimately the decision for Traffic Violation Court openings will be made by Governor Cuomo. Do not go to court at this time.

We are working through the NYSDMV court schedule to record all of your dates for tickets.  Our staff is sending emails to all clients to notify you of your new court dates. This is a time consuming and therefore slow process.  Rest assured we will notify all clients of new dates as soon as we are able.  We are sending ticket reschedules through emails.  Now would be a good time to update us if you have changed an email, a mailing address, or a phone number.  Email us at for all of your contact information changes.

If you have hired us to defend your tickets, we WILL defend you and manage the date of your court appearance.  As always, you do not have to appear in court.  Do not go to court. We appear for you. We will contact you the day before, as a reminder and the day after your court date with your result, as always. When the courts reopen in New York City, it will be very, very hectic.  Suspensions need to be avoided.  Do not miss your court date.  As our client, you are protected.  We are working now, while the courts are closed to be ready with the right date for the right ticket.  When the court reopens there will be confusion.  Do not let your driving record be damaged for not paying close attention. This sounds simple, but it is very important.  Be warned.  Missing a court date will negatively affect your driver’s license.  What do you do if you missed your court date?  Contact us now for help, BEFORE the courts reopen.   You may reach us at (212) 227-9008. A quick text to our office cell phone at (516) 960-8436 will also get you a quick answer.  Remember that the office cell phone is for texting only. 

Do not forget to obey all NYS traffic laws. We are still getting calls about tickets recently received: portable electronic and cell phone tickets, red lights and many speeding tickets. Just because the road is clear it does not mean you should speed. And more importantly, it doesn’t mean that Police Officers will not stop you and give you a ticket during the pandemic.

These are unpredictable times.  As you traffic ticket lawyer, I am making the defense of your tickets as organized and proactive as I can.  Be safe.  Be well.