New Federal Regulations for New York State Driver License

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New Federal Regulations for New York State Driver License

You may want to renew your New York State driver license due to new federal regulations that will alter the way a driver’s license will function at airports, borders, and buildings that require proper identification to enter. According to the article by Michael Gormley “Federal Law Drives Up Lines a DMV” published in Newsday Wednesday, May 30, 2018, the DMV has updated New York State to be in compliance with new federal standards.

The federal Real ID initiative is designed to combat terrorism, and compliant licenses will come with additional functions.  Real ID will require more secure documents to be presented to board airplanes, both domestic and international.  The program will also require the more secure identifications to enter military bases, nuclear power facilities, and any government-run location that requires identification to enter.  Any federal facility that does not require identification to enter, national parks, monuments, and museums would not be affected by this program.

Getting the new Real ID compliant license will require filling out several forms, providing proof of residence, and waiting in a minimum of two lines at the DMV.  More information is available at the DMV site.

What do you think?  Are you going to renew your license to comply with the new program?  Will you wait for your license to come up for renewal in its normal cycle or will you get it early?

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