Out of State Drivers

New York Out of State Traffic Violations

Many drivers come to New York from out of state and receive traffic tickets for violations they did not even know existed. Tourists, parents visiting children at college, and drivers who are just passing through may find themselves on the wrong side of New York traffic law, and may not know the consequences of receiving a New York traffic ticket. New York is a member of both the Drivers License Compact (DLC), which shares traffic ticket conviction information with 45 other states and the District of Columbia, and the Non-Resident Violator Compact (NRVC), which requires states to suspend the licenses of drivers who ignore traffic tickets issued by other member states.

Out of state drivers who receive traffic tickets in New York should not ignore these tickets. Most out of state motorists believe it is easier to just plead guilty and pay the fine for New York traffic tickets instead of traveling back for the hearing, but this is not a good idea. The conviction information may be shared with the driver’s home state, and their auto insurance rates can rise due to the conviction. In addition, many point violations in New York transfer to New Jersey. In most cases, a New York traffic ticket lawyer can represent out of state clients in court without the client being present. This way, the out of state driver may be spared the expense of traveling back to New York for the traffic ticket hearing, and may also keep their driving record clean.

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