Over Passes in New York

Recently there was a traffic collision between a coach bus and a Long Island over pass located on the Southern State Parkway.  You may not know that the over passes on many New York Parkways are intentionally lower than those on other Highways.  This is because commercial vehicles, buses, and other large transportation vehicles are not allowed to drive on Parkways.
On Long Island most people are familiar with the Parkway rules.  Travelers from other parts of the state or out of state have to pay attention to the roads they use.  Traveling on Parkways in New York while driving a commercial vehicle can result in tickets, as well as potentially damage your vehicle.  The over passes on many Parkways in New York are deliberately constructed to prevent large tractor trailer trucks, busses, and other tall vehicles from passing under them.  This is to help ensure that these roads are clear of commercial vehicles and only used by personal vehicles.

On ramps for New York Parkways are equipped with signs that tell drivers that trucks are not allowed on parkways and that the overpasses are low and will not allow tall vehicles to pass under them.  New electronic height detectors are being installed to help prevent potential collisions.  Technology that can be used to help avoid accidents are GPS systems for both commercial and standard drivers.  The two different kinds of GPS give different routes accounting for restricted road ways like New York Parkways.  Even with all these technological advances every driver should know the traffic laws and rules for the roads they are traversing to ensure everyone has a safe and efficient trip.

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