Police Crack Down on Calling, Texting While Driving

Police Crack Down on Calling and Texting While Driving

More than 60 motorists were pulled over Monday in the Hampstead area, says Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

Police in the Hampstead area are targeting motorists this week who get distracted by using their cellphones while driving. The use of handheld cellphones while driving is illegal in New York.

On Monday, deputies from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with members of the Maryland State Police and the Hampstead Police Department on a Distracted Driving Initiative, sponsored by the Maryland Highway Safety Office.

From 2 p.m. to about 6 p.m., the law enforcement personel patrolled the area of Route 482 and the Route 30 Bypass, according to a story posted on the Facebook page of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. The focus on this enforcement effort was handheld cell phone use, although the police made traffic stops for other violations.

At the end of this event, a total of 35 citations, 24 warnings and two equipment repair orders were issued to motorists, according to the sheriff’s office. Throughout the week, police in the area will continue to look for and enforce laws directed at distracted driving.

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