Police To Issue More DUI Tickets During Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day approaching, state and local law enforcement will increase its patrol to pull over motorists for DUIs, speeding tickets, reckless driving and cell phone tickets, according to the New York State Police.

The state’s STOP-DWI enforcement period begins Friday, May 24 and runs through Monday, May 27—a period drivers should be on alert for an increased police presence.

“State police and local law enforcement will step up their efforts to crack down on impaired and reckless driving this weekend,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Last Memorial Day, troopers arrested 237 people for drinking and driving, issued over 13,000 tickets and investigated 154 personal injury crashes, according to police data.

These violations carry heavy fines and will result in points on your license, and may lead to suspension. So if you are pulled over and issued a ticket, call attorney Michael Block to fight your ticket.

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