Reckless Driving Tickets In New York And How To Beat Them

Reckless Driving tickets in New York are considered a misdemeanor that results in 5 points on your license and a fine of up to $300.

Law enforcement is currently increasing police presence to crackdown on reckless driving, according to state police officials, so it’s important to fully understand the depth of the violation.

While most vehicle violations are handled in traffic court, reckless driving has further consequences as it is taken up in criminal court. This means a reckless driving conviction will count on your criminal record, which could affect your ability to find a job, travel or qualify for loans.

In addition, a reckless driving conviction can result in up to 30 days of jail for a first-time offense, 90 days for a second offense and up to 180 for the third time.

As previously mentioned, reckless driving tickets carry 5 points on your license for the first offenses well as fines that are much higher for additional convictions. In fact, drivers will also see a rate increase from their insurance company at an average of 22 percent.

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