Red Light Cameras Have Nassau County Drivers Seeing Red

Nassau County Traffic Attorney

Red Light Cameras Have Nassau County Drivers Seeing Red

Nassau County Traffic Outrage

Nassau County traffic violations revenue continues to increase with the addition of every red-light camera. Cameras are situated 50-150 feet before an intersection’s stop/white line, capture stills & video of drivers, and automatically send out what ‘they’ perceive to be violations.

Driver’s Responsibility Fee

An increase in ‘Driver’s Responsibility Fee’ from $30 to $45 is said to have boosted revenue in Nassau County Traffic Camera revenue. The fine pays for administrative costs and has made the cost of a traffic camera violation up to $150 total cost, generating $48.5 million in revenue on 2016 alone.

Nearby Suffolk County had implemented the Driver’s Responsibility Fee and faced fury from residents to remove the program back in 2013, they consequently dropped the program. There are no such plans in Nassau County.

Judge John Marks, Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Director, stated “The person that caused the ticket to be written should be responsible for the processing’, adding that “You go to trial and then whatever happens, happens”.

Legal Right-on-Red Turns

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran’s spokesperson stated, “The ticket fee is meant to deter drivers from reckless and dangerous driving. The additional fees are appropriate based on the work necessary to process tickets”. However, some drivers are being charged with offenses for making LEGAL right-on-red turns. As it turns out, the ‘fee’ is due no matter if the driver is found guilty or the ticket is dismissed, sparking outrage among Nassau County Drivers.

A recent ABC7 article found that most instances were occurring heading east on Northern Blvd onto Rte 106 in East Norwich. Drivers were making a legal stop at the line, then advancing forward over the stop/white line to make legal right turns. Commuters who take this route every day and commit no violations are among the highest fined.

Legislator Joshua Lafazan’s (D-Oyster Bay) office has been flooded with calls concerning the issue. He is now asking for the dismissal of all tickets issued before the driver receiving their 1st violation notice. “If we’re going to penalize you 9, 10, 11 times when you didn’t know you needed to remediate your behavior, then shame on us,” he commented.

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