Red Light Tickets vs Camera Red Light Tickets

New findings released by City Comptroller show that many drivers can accumulate fines without amassing points on their license.

The issue at hand for this report is the nature of red light tickets given by police officers verses red light tickets given by cameras.  In New York State red light and moving violations given by police officers are directed to an individual and their personal driver’s license.  These tickets carry points that can affect an individual’s privilege to drive in New York.  Camera tickets act differently.  They are applied to the vehicle instead of the driver and as a result only give fines.  Since the ticket is applied to the vehicle no individual’s driver license would have points applied to it in the case of a red light camera ticket.

Many people believe that harsher punishments and the addition of points to red light camera tickets should be implemented to help reduce infractions.  How to enact harsher penalties for red light tickets is currently up for debate.

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