How to Reduce Points on Your License

Points on your license are more than just ugly marks on your driving record, and a number of different traffic violations will add points to your license, if you are convicted.  Too many points or a serious traffic violation may lead to revocation or suspension of your driving privileges.  Having more than 6 points in an 18 month period means you are required to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee.  Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce points before they stack up against you.

The PIRP—Point and Insurance Reduction Program is a series of courses offered to drivers who would like to reduce the amount of points on their license and cost of their insurance premium.  The Defensive Driving Course/Accident Prevention Course deducts 4 license points and offers a 10% reduction on your insurance premium.

Each course is 6 hours long and can be taken both in person or online.  In order to take an online course or I-PIRP/ADM—Internet Point & Insurance Reduction Program/Alternate Delivery Method course, you must enroll with an approved DMV sponsor.  The online course may require tests and quizzes to verify your participation.

An experienced traffic ticket attorney may help you avoid or reduce points depending on the violation and the county where you received the summons.  Please contact us at 212-227-008 or at if you would like to receive free legal advice on how to fight your traffic ticket.