Right of Way Controversy

Last year, a cab driver attempted to challenge the constitutionality of the Right of Way Law and failed. He pled guilty to violating the Right of Way Law just a few days ago.

The Right of Way Law made striking a pedestrian who has the right of way an unclassified misdemeanor.

On a separate occasion, an NYC judge has dismissed charges against a motorist against the Right of Way Law on the grounds that it violated the defendants 5th and 14th amendment rights.

According to Section 1142 part b, Article 29 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law Laws, a vehicle entering a stop or yield section shall yield the right of way to any pedestrian legal crossing the roadway on which he is driving. A failure to yield to pedestrian in the crosswalk ticket faces 3 points and a minimum fine of $138

Do you think a motorist who accidentally strikes a pedestrian should face criminal charges?

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Photo via VisualHunt