School Bus has Close Call with MTA Train, Driver Ticketed

A school bus driver in Westchester has been ticketed for stopping in the right of the way of a railroad crossing while having two students and a driver’s aide on the bus. An officer observed the school bus stop much closer to the crossing than it should have – so close, in fact, that the railroad crossing gates lowered onto the vehicle as the train approached. The driver backed the school bus up and the MTA train passed by without incident, but it was most assuredly a close call.

Please remember these rules when approaching railroad grade crossings:

  • Do not cross any railroad tracks unless there is room for your vehicle on the other side. If other traffic prevents you from going fully across, wait and cross only when there is room.
  • School buses with or without passengers, other buses with passengers on board and vehicles with explosives or flammable cargo must stop at all railroad crossings. Remember those rules if you are following one of these vehicles.


New York police have been much more vigilant at railroad crossings since a number of high profile crashes earlier in the year, especially on Long Island. If you receive a railroad crossing ticket, or any other traffic ticket, please contact us at 212-227-9008 to find out how we may help you.



Photo Credit Visualhunt