Seat Belt Crackdown

Seat Belt Crackdown

New York State Police and Park Police are launching their annual seat belt crackdown.  According to the article “cops launch seat belt crackdown in NY parks” by David Olson published Sunday July 15, 2018 in Newsday this annual crackdown began 10 years ago.

The annual crackdown is an effort to promote safer driving and traveling habits for New Yorkers who travel to the various parks within the state.  Two different kinds of seatbelt tickets can be issued by police officers.  An adult seatbelt ticket carries no points but does come with a fine.  A child seatbelt ticket carries 3 points and a fine.  The crackdown will be in effect until August 13, 2018.  Police will be setting up check points at or near parks similar to the ones used to enforce driving while intoxicated laws.  Unlike DWI check points the ones set up for the seatbelt crackdown will reward and educate drivers who are following the law by having expert technicians inspect child safety restraint devices and educate drivers on the proper installation of such.  The check points will also deliver gifts to drivers who are following the rules in for form of a water bottle, key chain, or some other small prize.

Seatbelts are a serious matter. In 2016 35% of children under the age of 13 killed in car accidents were not properly restrained with a seatbelt, car seat or booster seat, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Using seatbelts significantly reduce the risk of injury and death for users who are in accidents.  Wearing a seatbelt is simple, required by law, and may save your life.  Make sure you take the time to properly secure children to protect them in the event of an accident and to avoid a costly 3 point ticket.

What do you think of the annual crackdown?  Do you regularly wear a seat belt while driving?  Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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