Speeding Tickets and The Hamptons Don’t Mix

Summer vacation/weekend getaway season is finally here! Many New Yorkers will be spending their weekends driving out to the Hamptons for long weekends and quick getaways from the busy City. Drivers should pay attention to all Vehicle and Traffic Laws. We can anticipate that speeding laws will be strictly enforced when heading to the Hamptons and The North Fork of Long Island. Police are aware that motorists are out enjoying themselves and that when on vacation people may forget about the rules of the road. They still apply and you must still obey them! Always be aware and stay informed of the ever-changing speed limits. For example, the Speed limit on Route 114 in Sag Harbor has just been lowered from 40 mph to 35 mph. Changes like this are made frequently. You must always stay informed.

Speed limits and speeding tickets on Long Island can add 3-11 points onto your license. The number of points you receive depends on how much you exceed the speed limit. Take a look at our Violation and Points chart below.

Speed Violation chart

Be aware, the higher the speeding violation, the more points you will receive. An easy way to calculate how many points your ticket is worth is to subtract your travel speed from the posted speed limit. For example, if you are pulled over for going 60 mph in a 40 mph zone, subtract 60 – 40. That leaves you with 20, and puts you in the 4 point ticket category.

If you are unsure of the speed limit or cannot find a posted speed limit sign then reduce your speed! You can look online on at to find out the speed limit in each town. Very rarely will an officer accept the excuse of “I’m from out of town” when pulled over for speeding.

In addition to watching your speed, it is imperative that you never drive while intoxicated or even after consuming just one drink, even at your summer rental in the Hamptons. According to the law, buzzed driving is still drunk driving and New York Police are on alert to reduce roadway fatalities caused by impaired driving. This past Memorial Day Weekend, according to Gov. Cuomo, state police issued nearly 12,000 summonses for Speeding, DWI and other moving violations. More than 600 of the summonses were issued on Long Island.

Don’t let speeding tickets ruin your summer fun. Let me fight your speeding tickets for you. If you receive a speeding ticket in East Hampton,West Hampton,South Hampton, Hampton Bays or Bridge Hampton please contact your New York Traffic Ticket Attorney at 212-227-9008 or at

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