Speeding Tickets? Make More, Pay More Suggested

Speeding Tickets? Make More, Pay More Suggested

Speeding Tickets? Make More, Pay More Suggested

A recent New York Times Opinion article examines the salary discrepancies between paying the consequences for speeding tickets across America. New York speeding tickets cost about $45 – $600, amounts that would make a retail worker think twice about, but a millionaire might not bat an eye at.

For folks living paycheck to paycheck, these fines could cause major setbacks, thus perpetuating the cycle of the underclass to deal with debt and possible incarceration. Factor in the time one must take off to fight a speeding ticket in court appearances, and you find those financially strapped with another set of debilitating circumstances unfounded on the wealthy.

Across the USA, speeding tickets are standardized across income, a same-for-everybody approach that all but discriminates against the poor. Judges hold little sway over the ability to impose fines based on income. Some states go as far as to prohibit a judge’s consideration of income when imposing fines. In the instances where judges are able to consider wealth a factor, few do.

Day Fines

Speeding tickets in other countries are handled using a ‘Day Fine’ system, wherein an individual will incur a penalty equal to a day’s work or more depending on the offense. This ensures equality for a ‘day’s work’ financial penalty no matter what the actual money made or fined would be. A more severe crime might be penalized with an entire month’s pay, and so on, keeping equality among the social classes.

If we aim to treat all offenders equally, and are also judged by jurys of our ‘peers’, maybe it’s time to consider the equal ramifications that a flat-based fines system could do to help to normalize the incurrence of a speeding ticket for all.

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