State Lawmakers Consider Tougher Drunk Driving Limits

New York State lawmakers are considering a bill that would lower the legal limit for which a motorist can be arrested for drunk driving. The measure is currently pending in both chambers.

The legal limit is currently .08, and if the piece of legislation is passed, it would be lowered to .05 for driving while intoxicated—putting increased motorist at risk of being pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence.

In addition, the limit would go from .18 to .12 for aggravated DWI.

While the legislation is currently pending in both chambers, other states around the country have lowered their limits—an indicator that New York could be next.

This would put drivers at risk for increased DWI that carry points on an individual’s license, suspension, fines and possible jail time.

Even at the current limit of .08, drivers are still at risk of facing serious legal issues that could affect their everyday lives. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI or DWI, immediately call attorney Michael Block to fight for you and reduce the damage.

Photo Credit Visualhunt