Suffolk County Traffic Court Sued for Unconstitutionally Jailing Motorists

On Thursday, a lawsuit was filed against the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency claiming that the agency unconstitutionally jails motorists and refuses plea bargains for those who request sworn depositions. The complaint, which was filed in Brooklyn, states that the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency eliminates checks and balances by selecting both the judicial hearing officers and prosecutors, has a “no plea bargain” policy for those who request a supporting deposition that contains additional information regarding their case, and unconstitutionally jailing drivers with traffic tickets. Suffolk County officials declined to comment on the lawsuit as a matter of policy.

The State Legislature allowed Suffolk County to set up its own traffic court to handle noncriminal moving violations and parking tickets, and the traffic agency estimates that it will bring in $48 million in 2015 and have expenses of around $11 million. Attorneys for the plaintiffs in the lawsuit also claim the agency is trampling on motorists’ constitutional rights in order to generate revenue for the county.

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