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Uber's NYC HQ

With the increase in Uber, Lyft, and for-hire vehicles, city officials all across the United States are forced to look further into their transportation policies. Uber has invested in a luxurious center for Uber drivers to relax, use the restroom, and eat complimentary pretzels and soft drinks all in an effort to entice more drivers to use Uber. In fact, there are four luxurious Uber centers in New York City alone. Some Uber drivers however, have switched to driving for yellow cabs as Uber’s fare cuts drain the profits of Uber drivers.

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Congresswoman Kathleen Rice Takes Aim at Drunk Drivers

Congresswoman Rice pushed for new national penalties for people driving impaired with a child in the car titled: The Prevent Impaired Driving Child Endangerment Act. This piece of legislation would make it a felony to drive under the influence while a child is present in the car. Included in Kathleen Rice’s piece of legislation is language that directs the Secretary of Transportation to withhold portions of federal funding from states that do not comply with this law that better protects children from impaired drivers.

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