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Uber Surcharge Fee?

The New York State legislature is moving on a special session this January to discuss the idea of adding a surcharge on Uber rides. The surcharge would raise revenue for the Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE). The state already charges a 50 cent surcharge fee on taxi rides, and would do the same on Uber rides. These new funds would greatly aid the NICE bus system, which faces budget cuts and subsequent route cuts.




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Has California Proposal gone too far?

Has California proposal gone too far? Driverless cars without the presence of a licensed driver? Is this safe? In a world where humans typically man the vehicle, driverless cars are challenging the long standing norm we are all accustomed to.

This could be a huge benefit to… California personal injury lawyers. It seems irresponsible for California and self driving car producers to allow a vehicle without a licensed driver. What do you think? Should cars be driven without someone manning the vehicle? Should people accept this reality? Let us know.