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New Face Reading Technology

One day, One’s car may have the ability to read one’s face. Automakers are looking to use bio-metrics and facial recognition software in an effort to anticipate the drivers wants and desire, like playing your favorite music based on your mood. This facial recognition software can also reduce the impact of an airbag based off the size of the person inside the vehicle. These new technological features may hit the road sooner than you may think!

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License Plate Cover Up

NYC will begin to crack down on license plates that are partially, or fully covered. Motorists have been placing plastic, or other materials over their license plates in order to disguise their cars from red light cameras. The motorist’s efforts have been successful as over 144,000 covered license plates have allowed motorists to avoid tickets ovetr the last two years. NYC cops will further issue tickets for the infractions. Receive a traffic ticket for a red light? An experienced traffic ticket attorney can help, call us at 212-227-9008 or email us at michaelblock.law@gmail.com.




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TLC limits drivers to 12 hour work days.

Everyone should know of this important rule. There is a current TLC rule set in place that aims to reduce TLC driver fatigue. As many of you know, driving a car, let alone driving one for extended amounts of time, is very tiring and affects a driver’s ability to drive.
Earlier this year, there was an extensive scientific review on practices of professional driving fatigue, and the TLC used this study to initiate the limit on the amount of hours per day a driver may work. TLC drivers may not driver more than 12 hours in a 24 hour time period. They also cannot drive 72 hours in a 7 day period in addition to the 12 hour limit in a 24 hour period. 
The TLC rule prevents loop holes in drivers avoiding the limits put into place. The first offense holds a $75 fine.The second offense includes a 15 day suspension. Importantly, the restriction does apply to for-hire drivers like Uber. So, all 140,000 drivers licensed by the TLC are included in this regulation. The limit on driving hours goes into effect on November 1st. 
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