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Uber's NYC HQ

With the increase in Uber, Lyft, and for-hire vehicles, city officials all across the United States are forced to look further into their transportation policies. Uber has invested in a luxurious center for Uber drivers to relax, use the restroom, and eat complimentary pretzels and soft drinks all in an effort to entice more drivers to use Uber. In fact, there are four luxurious Uber centers in New York City alone. Some Uber drivers however, have switched to driving for yellow cabs as Uber’s fare cuts drain the profits of Uber drivers.

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Previous Tesla Crash Investigation Results

Remember the Tesla accident that involved a fatal crash a few months ago? Auto-safety regulators said their investigation of the car found no defects in the system. The regulators did let other semi-autonomous car manufacturers know that they need to be more clear about the operation of autonomous car systems, to avoid fatal crashes like the one last May.

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Uber and the DMV

Uber ended its autonomous car service in San Francisco after it had defied state officials orders telling uber the autonomous service was illegal. In Uber’s hometown of San Francisco, uber was forced to shut down its autonomous car service system. State regulators in California made sure that uber would adhere to state regulations.
Uber still contends that their autonomous cars require human oversight and are not illegal. Do you think that uber should be allowed to have its autonomous cars on the road?
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