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Just Some Thoughts from a Traffic Ticket Attorney: NY Mets

Will the NY Mets end my personal drought of 30 championship-less years?

They look great “on paper” but that often doesn’t translate into success on the field. They should feature great young starting pitchers, an awesome closer and a good, but not great offense.

I don’t fear the Cubs or Nationals but I think the main threat will come from the Giants, Pirates and the always-present Cardinals.

Let’s Go Mets!

Why I need the Mets to Win!

By: Michael Block, Traffic Ticket Attorney

I am a happy man.  I have a wonderful wife, three college-attending children, an awesome dog and a great business with wonderful clients.  However, my sports rooting needs, as a loyal fan, have been sorely addressed.  I was not yet a teenager when the Jets won the Super Bowl.  They had Joe Namath and I thought they would repeat.  The Mets won their first championship a few months later and again, I expected repeated championships.  After all, they had Seaver, Koosman, Gentry and Ryan all entering the primes of their careers. Even after the Jets were knocked out the following season, the Knicks won the NBA title. Those Knicks had a roster full of future hall-of-famers.  They were the closest thing to a dynasty I rooted for, and they won 3 years later!

The Mets took another 17 years to win.  I expected a Met World Series to follow.  What a team!—Dwight, Daryl, Carter, Hernandez, Darling, and Sid. But no more trophies.  I also had hope for the Post 1969 Mets, Jets and Post 1973 Knicks, but only heartbreak followed.

And now it has been 43 futile Knicks seasons, 46 for the Jets and 29 for the Mets. You can do the Math.  I attended a Mets-Cardinals game in 2006, game 7 NLCS, when I thought the upper deck of Shea Stadium would collapse.  It was literally shaking after Endy Chavez’ magnificent catch. And yet we still lost.

I sat at home to watch Michael Jordan, then the Houston Rockets, and then Tim Duncan and David Robinson throttle my Knicks.   And worse, my childhood friends and I travelled to Indianapolis and Pittsburgh to personally see our Jets get denied entry to the Super Bowl.  All the years of frustration can vanish in the next week. My sons and I can actually experience a championship from one of our teams. It doesn’t always have to be someone else’s team, does it?     And as for my generation of Knicks, Jets and Met fans—we’re not getting younger, are we?

There is no time like the present. Let’s Go Mets!