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New Addition to Vision Zero

Evening commuters must now face more dangerous conditions as the days get darker earlier. According to a study conducted by the DMV over the years 2010-2014, an earlier sunset and darkness have been linked to an increase in the total number of pedestrians killed by motor vehicles. This problem has occurred on a national level, and, in New York City as well.

According to a traffic analysis conducted by New York City, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. the hourly rate if of fatalities and severe injuries to pedestrians rose to 2.44 in Mid December, compared to the average rate of .84 in August. And, a majority of those pedestrian fatalities or severe injuries came from motorists making turns. So, remember to turn more vigilantly.

The DeBlasio administration took it upon themselves to act on this frightening statistic. The Mayor’s office will announce a new $1.5 million dusk and darkness safety campaign geared towards creating more safety during the hours of darkness. The new safety campaign is an addition to the city’s Vision Zero plan for eliminating injuries and fatalities caused by vehicles. This addition to the Vision Zero program will help aid in keeping pedestrians and motorists safe, and alive.

Interestingly, this is the first time that New York City has adjusted its traffic policy based on a seasonal factor.

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Vision Zero’s First Arrest: Was it Really the Bus Driver’s Fault?

According to an MTA report, the first bus driver arrested under New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Vision Zero initiative, Theresa Gallagher, was found to not be at fault for running over a pedestrian. The bus driver was put in jail for fatally running over a man in a South Bronx intersection last October on East 147th Street. Under Vision Zero, bus drivers, as well as all other drivers, face misdemeanor charges if a pedestrian is seriously injured or killed due to the driver failing to yield right of way. A report from the MTA noted that Gallagher was not at fault due to a faulty streetlight limiting the bus driver’s visibility, which led to the fatal accident involving pedestrian in the early morning darkness. Since Vision Zero has taken effect, 6 bus drivers have been arrested under the law for failure to yield offenses. In addition, New York City’s speed limit has been lowered to 25 mph, which has led to a drastic increase in the amount of speeding tickets issued by the NYPD.

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