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5 Point Cell Phone Ticket in Yonkers Reduced to 0 Points

cellphone ticket may be issued regardless of how the driver was using the device.  The law defines “using” as holding your cellphone while talking, taking pictures, texting, or simply viewing the device.  So if you are viewing the device as a GPS, you are in violation.

In addition, cellphone tickets rack up as much as 5 points.  Extra points on your license can increase the price of your insurance.  3 cellphone tickets could result in the suspension of your license.

The cost of cellphone tickets can range between $50 to $400 depending on the gravity and frequency of the offense. Aside from the immediate cost of the ticket, points on your license could cause insurance premiums to increase significantly.

When you receive the cellphone ticket, do not discuss it with the police officer.   Anything you say can, and WILL be used against you in court. Officers take notes on any comments you make which can later harm you while disputing your traffic ticket.

A cellphone ticket lawyer is waiting to help you. New York Traffic Ticket Law can be very damaging to your driving record. My advice is: don’t pay that traffic ticket. Take a moment now to share a few details about your ticket here.

We always fight for the most favorable outcome and are always glad to have great results for our clients. If you’ve received a speeding ticket or any other type of moving violation, let us help you! Email us at michaelblocklawyer.com or call (212) 227-9008 to learn how we can defend you.

Nassau County announces AMNESTY period on National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Nassau County has announced an amnesty program for anyone with outstanding tickets. If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Before you run to the Nassau County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency there are a few things to consider first. This is a great program but it’s not offered to everyone with traffic violations it’s actually offered to a limited group.

This program is for anyone with outstanding tickets from before Jan. 1, 2014. Minor moving violations such as failure to stop at a stop sign, missing license plates and failure to signal are just a few of the eligible moving violations. Cell phone tickets, driving without a license and DUIs are not eligible. Settlement negotiations are offered for anyone with outstanding major moving or criminal violations.

With every case we receive we always negotiate settlements in addition to fighting for point reduction and ticket dismissal. If you don’t qualify for the amnesty program or have any moving violations that you received after 2013 in Nassau County or anywhere in Long Island, New York Traffic Ticket Attorney Michael Block is able to fight for you and negotiate a settlement.

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano announced the initiative on Tuesday, Feb. 17 for National Random Acts of Kindness Day. The program began on Feb. 22 and last until May 22, 2016. Fines for the violations will be cut in half and any additional fees will be waived if payment is made by May 22. The goal of this program is to clear a huge portion of Nassau County’s outstanding tickets. “We are trying to clean out the inventory of tickets issued before 2014. The goal is to get money owed to Nassau County,” said John Marks, executive director of Nassau’s Traffic and Parking Violations Agency.

Nassau County attempted a similar program in 2011 in an effort to regain up to $21.7 million in outstanding tickets but only recovered $150,000.
If you are accepted into this amnesty program you still must pay the $45 county fee on the ticket, as well as state surcharge of $88 for traffic violations or $10 for parking violations

Drive carefully and give us a call at (212) 227-9008 or email michaelblock.law@gmail.com for help with any  Nassau County traffic tickets or moving violations.

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  1. Thanks for writing about this. At first you think, Wow! a big discount. Then you realize it benefits people with really old tickets. It would be great it this covered cell phone tickets, speeds and big problem tickets.