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Uber's NYC HQ

With the increase in Uber, Lyft, and for-hire vehicles, city officials all across the United States are forced to look further into their transportation policies. Uber has invested in a luxurious center for Uber drivers to relax, use the restroom, and eat complimentary pretzels and soft drinks all in an effort to entice more drivers to use Uber. In fact, there are four luxurious Uber centers in New York City alone. Some Uber drivers however, have switched to driving for yellow cabs as Uber’s fare cuts drain the profits of Uber drivers.

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A Presidential Visit = Massive Delays

Every time President Donald J. Trump visits his home in New York City, massive traffic jams will ensue. President Trump has expressed his desire to come back to NYC and visit his wife Melania, and son Baron. When Mr. Trump arrives to his home in Trump Tower, there will be a massive security increases, including closing several NYC streets. So, expect more days with unbearable traffic in NYC for the indefinite future.

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Traffic Intentionally Congested?

Traffic in New York City is intentionally horrible. Can you believe it? Well some of us actually can. 

New York City officials purposefully make traffic congested in an effort to make people ride their bikes or use mass transit to commute. This policy started under mayor Bloomberg and has continued with mayor De Blasio 

How has this information not released sooner?!?! What do you think about this? 

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Thanksgiving Roads Will Be Stuffed

According to the AAA, Thanksgiving roads will be stuffed. AAA predicts that travel over the holiday break could be massive due to the improving economy. AAA forecasts that 48.7 million Americans will travel, which would be the largest number of people traveling during the Thanksgiving break since 2007. Additionally, AAA expects over 1 million more people who will travel at least 50 miles from their home. The busiest days will be the Wednesday before the holiday, and the Sunday after.

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Second Avenue Subway Info

The Second Avenue subway plans to open up the initial stages of the line on December 31st of 2016. Although construction crews did not finish all of its installations so far, the MTA believes the Second Avenue Subway will be up and running by the end of this year. The first phase of the Second Avenue cost $4.4 billion to construct.
The long awaited new subway line will clear up congestion on some of the most crowded subways in the city. The projected line goes from downtown at Hanover Square all the way up to 125th street. Also, the Q will be expanded as part of the Second Avenue Subway This is a major step towards improving the crumbling transportation infrastructure and better ensuring more New Yorkers access to the subway.
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Uber is attempting to make your Commute Easier with $5 Carpools

Uber is editing their carpooling system. They are offering $5 rates during a pilot program for using UberPOOL, but there are a few catches.

Check out the full article below:

Uber will now offer flat $5 carpool rides in Manhattan during peak hours, but there are plenty of catches.

Commuters must be picked up and dropped off in Manhattan below 110th Street and they’re going to have to walk to get to their driver. The deal is part of a new pilot program that will reshape UberPOOL service to more closely resemble that of a local bus: instead of heading to a customer’s specific location, UberPOOL drivers will be picking up and dropping off customers along corners of their route.

The e-hailing app hopes that this will help streamline UberPOOL routes to provide cheaper and more efficient peak service, according to a blog post the company published on Sunday. It’s the first time the company is implementing the concept.

“By making it easier and more affordable to carpool, we’re working toward our goal of getting more people into fewer cars,” read the blog. “Corner pickups and drop-offs make driving routes more direct, so you’ll save time and arrive at your destination faster.”

The service will be in effect from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. To take advantage of the deal, commuters need to download latest version of the Uber app. Select “POOL” and Uber will direct commuters to the nearest corner to be picked up. Riders will be dropped off at a corner near their destination.

Uber did not specify an end date for the pilot.

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World Trade Center Transit Hub Finally opens

A portion of The World Trade Center’s new $4 billion transportation hub opened today.

The Oculus, is a huge pristine white hall that will stop you dead in your tracks.

WTC inside 2

The architecture has many New Yorkers staring in awe or shaking their heads. Architect Santiago Calatrava designed it to look like a dove, but many have compared it to angel wings or bones.

Most importantly, it will serve as another memorial for those lost in the September 11th attacks.

The hub will connect 11 subway lines, the PATH system, and Battery Park City Ferry terminal. It will allow access the 9/11 memorial and World Trade Center buildings. Retail stores and restaurants will be occupying spaces in the months to come. Paul Bergen, northjersey.com

World Trade Center Oculus

With the opening of the Oculus, the rest of the memorials and the daily bustle of commuters coming into the city from New Jersey one can only imagine the increase of pedestrian traffic on the surrounding streets.

If you are a cab or Uber driver please be mindful and obey all traffic rules by World Trade Center. And if you receive a ticket in that area I can help you fight it! Call me at 212-227-9008 or email MichaelBlock.law@gmail.com with any questions.

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NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer | How to Avoid Traffic this Christmas

A record-breaking 100 million Americans are expected to travel over the four-day Christmas holiday period, and Christmas Eve will be the worst day to travel in New York City.

The lowest gas prices since 2009 and a stronger economy are fueling the surge of people traveling 50 miles or more during the holiday, according to AAA.

The worst day to drive in New York City over the holidays will be Thursday, according to data from the smartphone app Waze.

The company relies on crowdsourced information from drivers, and is used by 1.9 million motorists in New York City, as well as 50 million people nationally. It also shares information from the NYPD on road closures for major events.

On top of congestion on Christmas Eve, there is a 42% increase in car crashes, and an almost 30% boost in hazard reports in New York City compared with an average from the two weeks before the holidays and after, the company’s data shows.

Hazards locally include potholes, vehicles stopped on the road, construction, and objects on the road such as a tree branch or fallen sign.

Nationally, the worst day to travel during the week of Christmas is Wednesday, Waze says. Drivers typically hit the roads for holiday travel around 11 a.m. Congestion peaks that afternoon between 3 and 6 p.m. as more motorists leave work for holiday travel.

Sunday — the end of the holiday weekend — is also a nightmare on the roads, with a combination of heavy traffic congestion, traffic crashes, and other police alerts.

If drivers can take Monday off from work, it’s a much smoother day to drive home.

Flyers can also expect New York City metropolitan area airports to be mobbed. Between Dec. 17 and Jan. 1, almost 6 million passengers will fly through the JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports.

JFK will see 2.5 million flyers, and 1.6 million people will travel through LaGuardia. Another 1.7 million will fly to or from Newark.

Airfares are down 6%, an average of $174 a flight roundtrip compared with last year, according to AAA. Hotel and car rental prices are up, however.

More than 90% of Americans who take trips will drive, or more than 91 million people. AAA says they expect almost a million drivers will be stranded and call the association for help, due to flat tires, dead batteries, and motorists locked out of their cars.

Another 5.8 million people will fly, and 3.5 million travelers will take buses, trains, and cruises.

Article Originally Featured on AM New York

*Photo Credit: “Northbound I-405 rush hour” By: Oran Viryincy/(Source: Flickr)