Texting Stops

I drove many miles of beautiful and scenic NY State roads this weekend en route to visit my son at the University of Binghamton. From Long Island to New York City to the Hudson Valley, I shared the beautiful scenery with tens of thousands of other New York drivers. One thing I noticed was a new name for places to stop.
In the past, there were Full Service Stops. These contained Gas, Food and Rest Rooms. These still exist.
There also are Rest Stops. These usually include a rest room, and vending machines. These are now called “Text Stops”.
This is clearly a recognition of the volume of driver’s use of Electronic Devices.It also recognizes the danger involved.A conviction for Texting or Cell Phone use will add five (5) points to your license, plus a fine.
If you receive a ticket for cell phone, Texting or any other Moving Violation, please contact my office at 212-227-9008.

Photo credit Visualhunt