Taxicab and Limousine Drivers—How many points do I have on my license?

TLC—Taxi Limousine and Commission drivers often face stricter traffic laws and heavier fines than most drivers.  Summonses may contain points or fines which could lead to the suspension and revocation of your TLC hack driver’s license.  As a taxi or limousine driver, you must exercise caution and can be held accountable for:

  • Refusing service to a passenger (on the basis of sex, age, gender, and/or ability).
  • Allowing any other driver to use your license
  • Using a portable or electronic device while operating your vehicle (this includes Bluetooth, cellphone, GPS, tablet and more)
  • Adjusting your meter or vehicle lights
  • Overcharging a passenger
  • Soliciting Passengers
  • Speeding
  • Traffic tickets and TLC tickets
  • Summons from TLC
  • Passenger complaints
  • Insurance Issues
  • DUI and DWI violations

6 or more DMV points in a 15-month time period can lead to a 1 month suspension of TLC driving privileges.  10 or more DMV points in an 18-month time period can lead to a 1 year revocation of your TLC driving privileges. To avoid accruing points, it’s important to exercise caution and seek the representation of an experienced attorney who may be able to fight these penalty points.

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