TLC Ticket: Unlicensed Vehicle

All  Uber, Lyft, and for-hire vehicle drivers should pay attention to this message. There are specific TLC tickets directly related to for-hire services. For example, there is a summons issued for an “unlicensed vehicle”. One can receive this ticket if one picks up a passenger without proper consent by one’s car service/dispatch. For example, if an Uber driver picks up a passenger who has not sent a notification to the Uber driver’s phone, that driver can receive an unlicensed vehicle summons. The max fine of $10,000 is applied ff the unlicensed vehicle ticket is issued to the owner of a car. Additionally, the driver’s license (of an Uber, Lyft, or taxi cab driver) may be revoked, meaning that their TLC license will be taken away.

For-hire drivers should not pick up a passenger who is not one’s direct customer, even if they say they will pay you extra to take them somewhere.
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Photo Credit Visualhunt