Uber Over in Long Island?

Uber Over in Long Island?

How will the new driver cap on Uber and other app based ride sharing services affect Long Island commuters?  This is a question that has been brought to the fore front of the on going fight over how to regulate the new app based ride hailing services.  In response to the newly enacted regulations in New York City Long Island limo drivers are calling for state law makers to alter a 2017 law that opened areas outside of NYC to app based ride hailing services.

In the article “Revisiting state ride-hail law” by Matthew Chayes published in Newsday on Saturday August 18, 2018 the concerns of local residents and ride-hail workers are explained.  Local taxi and limo workers are concerned that an influx of drivers from NYC will cause extra competition, drive down wages, and increase traffic.  Ride-hail apps are taxed and regulated differently than traditional taxi services.  This makes the services cost users different amounts for similar trips.  Some taxi service owners are predicting significant losses if drivers from NYC end up traveling out to the suburbs looking for fares.  There is currently a lawsuit challenging the 2017 law on the grounds of unequal treatment of two groups.

What do you think the long term effects of the new NYC regulations will be on Nassau and Suffolk counties?  What steps would you take to ensure fair treatment of all drivers?

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