Village Of Freeport Scanning License Plates To Crack Down On Traffic Violations

The Village of Freeport continues to use fiber-optic license plate readers to crack down on drivers with traffic violations. Having used these readers since 2015, the village recently announced it is now scanning 50 million plates per year, and is planning to expand its program with additional funding.

Currently, there are 27 village scanners—with a plan to install more. Freeport’s program has caused motorists problems—with 5,000 vehicles being impounded due to insurance lapses, stolen plates, revoked registrations and more. More than 22,500 summonses have been issued.

In addition, over 130 stolen vehicles have been recovered and 220 wanted individuals have been arrested. Susan Gottehrer, director of the New York Civil Liberties Union’s Nassau County chapter, described the scanners as a threat to privacy and civil liberties.

When a license plate scanner reads a plate with an outstanding violation, an alert is sent to village hall and to police officers on duty.

License plate scanners are resulting in increased tickets for motorists. If your vehicle is impounded because of this, you’ve probably received multiple tickets. Therefore, call attorney Michael Block to fight your tickets.