Westchester County Traffic Ticket Attorney: What is the Driver Responsibility Assessment?

In addition to heavy fines, surcharges, and increased insurance premiums, drivers who are convicted of moving violations in Westchester County may also have to pay extra fees as part of the New York Driver Responsibility Assessment. If the following offenses were committed after November 18, 2004, drivers may find themselves paying extra fees as part of the NY Driver Responsibility Assessment:

• Convicted of a DUI/DWI involving an automobile, boat, or snowmobile in New York State
Refusing to submit to a chemical test for blood alcohol level
Receiving 6 points on your driver’s license within 18 months for traffic offenses in New York State, Ontario, or Quebec.

Westchester County drivers are notified of the Driver Responsibility Assessment once points have been added to the driving record, which is after they are convicted of traffic violations. You should contact a Westchester County traffic ticket attorney to help you as soon as you receive a traffic ticket so you can find out your options.

Monetary Penalty
The assessment for receiving 6 points on your license within 18 months is $100 a year for 3 years, meaning a total of $300. Westchester County drivers that receive any additional points on their license are also subject to a $25 fee per additional points per year, meaning a total of $75 per additional point in the three year period. The penalty for a drug or alcohol related offense, $250 a year or $750 over the course of 3 years, is much more than the point assessment.

Paying the New York Driver Responsibility Assessment
The NY Driver Responsibility Assessment can be paid online, by mail, or at a local DMV. Some Westchester County drivers think that if they complete point reduction classes, they will not have to pay the penalty, or they won’t have to pay as much, but this is wrong. Even if a driver successfully completes a point reduction class, they must still pay the assessment fee in full. If a driver fails to pay the assessment, their license can be suspended by the DMV.

A Westchester County traffic lawyer can help drivers who are facing the New York Driver Responsibility Assessment. By fighting the traffic ticket in court before a conviction is handed down, a traffic ticket attorney might be able to help you avoid the assessment altogether. In addition, a traffic attorney can almost always represent you without your appearance in court, which can save you valuable time. If you have questions on how the NY Driver Responsibility Assessment affects you and your ability to drive here in Westchester, feel free to contact our office at (212) 227-9008 for assistance.


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