Getting A Speeding Ticket In The Village of North Hills, NY

Speeding tickets contain 3 to 11 points; receiving these points may result in an increase of insurance premiums. The fine for a speeding ticket mainly depends upon the severity of the violation. Along with the cost of the ticket, there’s an $88.00 NYS surcharge and a $100.00 annual driver assessment fee if you’ve accumulated six or more points within an 18-month time period.

If you receive a ticket on Long Island it’s important to understand the area that you were summoned. Long Island is made up of two counties, Nassau and Suffolk and within each county there are towns and villages. Even though the villages are small they may have their own Police force and Courthouse. Summonses issued in the Village of North Hills are issued by Nassau County’s 6th precinct.

If you are pulled over and given a ticket within the town of North Hills, a court appearance will be at the North Hills Village Court.  For example, if you are stopped by the Police on Stonehill Drive, you would report to North Hills Village Court, not the  Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (TPVA) in Hempstead. The court location will always be on your ticket if you are ever unsure.

Be aware of these speed limits and rules in the town of North Hills:

  • Except as otherwise provided herein, no person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle on a highway, street or private road at a speed in excess of 45 mph.
  • No person shall drive on Shelter Rock road between the flashing signs at a speed higher than 30 mph.
  • You also are not permitted to drive on the North Hills section of I.U. Willets Road at a speed in excess of 30 mph.
  • No person shall operate a vehicle or motorcycle on Searingtown Road in the Village of North Hills at a speed in excess of 35 mph
  • No person shall drive or operate a motor vehicle or motorcycle on Hollow Lane in the Village of North Hills at a speed in excess of 35 mph

If you plead not guilty to a charge of speeding, it is possible you will receive a reduction in points. The following comprehensive guide will allow you to understand the point system for speeding tickets at a TVB—Traffic Violation Bureau or at a village court like the North Hills Village Court.

First determine how many points your offense carries.

Driving 1-10 MPH over the speed limit3 points
Driving 11-20 MPH over the speed limit4 points
Driving 21-30 MPH over the speed limit6 points
Driving 31-40 MPH over the speed limit8 points
Driving over 40 MPH over speed limit11 points

Remember that the DMV can suspend your license for accumulating 11 points or more within 18 months (regardless of violation type). Also, simply receiving three convictions for speeding tickets in an 18-month period will result in a six month revocation of your license. Even two tickets within an 18-month period can have dire consequences. If you have received a second speeding ticket within an 18-month period or any violations in the Village of North Hills, feel free to call our office at 212-227-9008 or email us at right away for a free consultation and assessment of your license.

When you retain my office, we will attend court on your behalf and manage all communication with the court. You will not be required to attend court. We will always update you about your court dates and results as well as answer any questions you have about the process.


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