Why is Uber so Successful?

Uber has successfully created more job opportunities and transportation opportunities for low-income neighborhoods, according to Economic Policy for the 21st Century.  Uber’s boom and success in garnering clients and faithful employees can be attributed to its partnerships and business model.

Since Uber is considered a ride-sharing company, their employees own their own vehicles and work as independent contractors.  This gives each employee more autonomy to work on their own schedule.  Technically, the Uber app is a tool that links drivers and passengers.  Drivers work with Uber instead of for Uber.  This makes ride-sharing an attractive employment opportunity.  Interestingly, the majority of Uber’s drivers work part time.  Reports also show that they’re highly satisfied.

Uber continues to grow and expand.  There were almost 9.5 million UberX rides last year and a 450 percent increase in monthly ride share from January to December in 2014.  Uber’s rapid growth is proof that they’re keeping clients and employees happy.


Photo Credit VisualHunt