Daily Archives: November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Roads Will Be Stuffed

According to the AAA, Thanksgiving roads will be stuffed. AAA predicts that travel over the holiday break could be massive due to the improving economy. AAA forecasts that 48.7 million Americans will travel, which would be the largest number of people traveling during the Thanksgiving break since 2007. Additionally, AAA expects over 1 million more people who will travel at least 50 miles from their home. The busiest days will be the Wednesday before the holiday, and the Sunday after.

With all of the traffic out on the road, we urge you to remain safe. If you do receive a summons for a moving violation, please make sure to call us at 212-227-9008, and we will help fight you fight your ticket!


Newsday reports Gov. Cuomo signed a law that would allow the Villages of East Hampton and Sag Harbor to reduce the speed limits on certain congested streets. The issue to think about is whether the Village is motivated to make the streets easier to navigate or to raise revenue.

In any event, drivers should obey all local speed limits. If you receive a summons, please call us at 212-227-9008


Photo via Visual Hunt