Congestion Pricing, What It Means for You

Increased mass transit through Midtown Manhattan has led to a busier, unsafe, and more polluted commute. To combat these obstacles, New York City is set to institute a congestion pricing program, a toll system to encourage public transportation and minimize traffic in the area (How Congestion Pricing in Manhattan Might Work, New York Times, July 9, 2023.) This program will have significant effects on commuters. Proposals have projected that commuters who enter Manhattan south of 60th street will be charged up to $23 for a rush-hour trip and $17 during off-peak hours. With the addition of these tolling zones, there may be an increased police presence in Midtown, leading to more traffic enforcement. Also, while clearing up some of the vehicular traffic in Manhattan, there will likely be an increase in commuting through public transportation, leading to more delays and congestion on our buses and trains. This policy will drastically change travel for millions of New Yorkers each day.